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Health of the Miniature Australian Shepherd


The Miniature Australian Shepherd is a relatively healthy breed compared to many breeds out there. When buying a Mini Aussie from a responsibly breeder then the issues of your particular dog go down drastically.  They do have some genetic issues which I will detail out.



There are a few eye problems in the breed. Here is a link for you to follow where you can read about the genetic issues of the eyes. http://www.ashgi.org/home-page/genetics-info/faq/eyes

Another eye issue is only caused by irresponsible breeding. When a merle dog is bred to another merle dog there is a very high chance of getting puppies who can be both deaf and blind! The way to avoid this, make sure when you get a puppy that only one of the parents is a merle! There is no issues with breeding a non-merle to a non-merle. 


This is a very serious issue. It is an allergy to common drugs that can kill your dog from something as small as eating horse or cow manure, as all dogs do given the chance. Common worming medicines that you would give to ensure the health of your dog can, in fact, make them seriously ill if not kill them when they have this mutation. Fortunately there is genetic testing for this awful anomolly and we, as responsible breeders, are actively working to eliminate this by breeding only dogs that have tested normal/normal for this mutation. Meaning that they are not affected nor are they carriers. This means we cannot possibly pass this down to a puppy that is born in our home. http://www.animalgenetics.us/Canine/Genetic_Disease/MDR1.asp

For more information about genetic testing and these issues, please see our page about genetic testing of the Mini Aussie.