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temperament of the miniature australilan shepherd





The Miniature Australian Shepherd is the ideal family pet! They are laid back, playful, inquisitive and love to play! They do well with kids of all ages. As with all dogs, children should be taught what is acceptable. My kids are a rowdy bunch and our Mini Aussies are as accepting of fumbling 2 year olds as they are with being dressed up and pretend with the 9 year old. 

They love their owners so very much that they want to be at their side all the time. They would gladly load up in the car to go with you or will run to greet you with a wagging body at the door when you get home when it's too hot for them to go in the car. They are suited to walking, jogging, hiking, frisbee, agility, horseback riding buddies and everything in between. 

The Mini Aussie is not normally anti social. I do however have a timid one as well as one who will knock everyone out of the way to go greet a stranger so they can come in all packages. It all depends on how you raise your Mini Aussie in my opinion. If you have a more timid dog then the training might be different than it would be with a more outgoing and strong willed dog. It is very important to introduce your Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy to all new situations and people so that they are well rounded adults who have experienced many things!