We are currently experiencing configuration problems with our new server and cannot post images to our page.  We do currently have puppies on the ground.  Please check with us on Facebook to see the newest pics of our babies!  Contact us if you want to discuss a puppy.


Important Information


Contrary to the name, "Diosa Kennels," we are not a kennel per say. Our dogs live inside with us as family members. We use the name "kennel" simply to call attention to the fact that we raise dogs. It is purely for internet URL purposes! Our dogs spend a large amount of time outside by choice. They have access to a doggie door to come in and out and they often choose to be in our big back yard which they think is their kingdom to rule! They also enjoy going on walks, jogging, hiking, camping and other places with us!



Once you have decided that either a Miniature Schnauzer or a Miniature Australian Shepherd are the breed for your family you may make a deposit to hold a puppy for you with Diosa Kennels. If we have puppies on the ground you can choose to place a deposit on a specific puppy. If you change your mind on which puppy you want, you may transfer the deposit to another puppy that is available only which may include for a future litter. Once a deposit is placed on a live puppy it is non-refundable.

If you know that you are going to want a puppy in the future, you are more than welcome to place a deposit on a future litter. You may ask for a specific color/gender but there is no guarantee that it will be available in every litter. It helps if you are more flexible in either color or gender. However, if you do place a deposit on a future puppy and the color/gender that you wanted isn't available once the litter is born, I am more than happy to transfer the deposit to another litter or give you a refund of your deposit. This type of deposit is very helpful for a person who knows they want a top quality dog but are not ready for it yet or would like to financially spread it out!

Once a litter is on the ground, I will go in order of deposits received for choice on puppies. Each person will have until 2 weeks old to choose a puppy. Special circumstance will be if we believe a black tri Mini Aussie puppy might end up with blue eyes, at which time we might allow for extra time to choose.

Deposit in either situation is a minimum of $250.