We have proudly connected many families with an awesome, precious and cuddly Mini Schnauzer puppy.  That is my absolute favorite part. I have heard time and time again about families who have lost another dog that was in their life and have an inner need to live life with another one.


A Mini Schnauzer, or any dog for that matter, becomes a part of your family and while you never forget a family member nor stop missing them, getting a new one helps to focus the energy in building a new relationship to last a lifetime.


Some are new to dogs, new to the breed itself and some are diehard Miniature Australian Shepherd lovers! Regardless of the circumstances, that connection I see and feel between them gets me every single time. I can’t count the times when tears have come to my eyes and chills have run down my arms. The connection is palpable. THAT is why I do what I do. My heart is filled.


I cannot wait to connect you with one of our Mini Schnauzer babies.