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Miniature Schnauzer Coat colors



The Miniature Schnauzer comes in many different colors! Only 3 of these, however, are deemed breed standard by the AKC; salt and pepper (the most common color,) black and black and silver. All colors are recognized by the AKC for registration but only the former three are allowed to show in AKC sponsored shows. White is also allowed in International shows along with those three.

The other colors you will see are:

  • Chocolate (Liver,)

  • Liver Pepper

  • White Chocolate

  • Liver and Tan

  • Parti (White mixed with any other color.)

So where did all of these colors come from!? The first parti schnauzer was bred out of a pair of Black Mini Schnauzers 80 years ago in Germany. These genes have carried down over the last 80 years! When you have the right pairing of two dogs carrying this ancient gene, the result is of beautiful, PUREBRED Parti Miniature Schnauzers.

When downsizing the Standard Schnauzer to result in the Miniature Schnauzer, there were many breeds used including Affenpinscher, Miniature Pinscher, poodle and possible pomeranian. No wonder there are “non-standard” colors! Thankfully, the AKC still recognized these beautiful dogs for being purebreds and allows breeding and registration. I hope, along with countless others, that one day the “politics” of the colors is changed.



This is the most common coat color. It is a dominant gene. Salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzers come in a large variation of shades from a dark, almost black and silver look to a light, faded, almost silver or white tone.

What makes a true Salt and Pepper, regardless of the shade? They all have a three banded hair. Three shades of gray.  You can have a dark Salt and Pepper all the way up to a “Phantom Silver.” They are all considered Salt and Pepper.

Some breeders will charge more for a “Phantom Silver.” Just know that many, many Salt and Peppers will fade out to this color anyways as they age!

The Salt and Peppers will have lighter color, ranging from light gray to a tan tone, to white on their face, chest and furnishings



Exactly that. These dogs are solid black. They are born completely black and will stay this way. Once they are reaching old age, they may start to grey a bit, just like any animal!



Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzers are much like the Salt and Pepper in their markings with the dark body and lighter furnishings. However with a Black and Silver, the contrast is often striking resulting in being called a “phantom.” Born black with tan markings, the markings will fade with age into a beautiful white while the body remains black.



Just that. Born white and stay white throughout life. They are not albinos. They have pigmentation on their nose and eyes. They are not born a different color and then fade to white. They just are. This, nor any of the other “non-traditional” colors are a gene defect either. It is simply a result of breeding the right genes.



These Mini Schnauzers look just like our favorite treat! Chocolate!! They even have chocolate colored eyelids and nose and their eyes are either hazel or green.



Not to be confused with White, although they might be easy to confuse. They are a white or light tan coat with a chocolate nose and eyelids and, like the Chocolate, have green or hazel eyes.



These Mini Schnauzers have the same markings as a Black and Silver, however the body is a chocolate color instead of jet black. The furnishings can vary from a light tan to very light cream, but do not have a stark white color.




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