We are currently experiencing configuration problems with our new server and cannot post images to our page.  We do currently have puppies on the ground.  Please check with us on Facebook to see the newest pics of our babies!  Contact us if you want to discuss a puppy.


Our Mini Schnauzers, here at Diosa Kennels, are our family pets! They live inside of our home, with the family. They have a huge back yard to roam and go camping, jogging, walking and hiking with us. The Mini Schnauzer puppies are born in my bedroom in a whelping box right next to my bed. I help deliver every one and keep a watchful eye on progress and how mom is doing. The new mom is kept in my bedroom with her litter until they are about 3-4 weeks old when they are moved into a puppy room in our house. This allows us to give them a larger area that is still enclosed in the puppy room for them to roam and play while "getting their legs."

Our adults and each puppy is absolutely adored by our family. Before breeder, I am a Mini Schnauzer lover. They each have their own personalities much like a person and are an integral part of our family life.

You will find our Miniature Schnauzer parents below. Click on their picture to go to their personal page.



              Diosa In The Mists Of "Avalon"


         Diosa's Raven "Bentley"