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Bentley ~ Salt and Pepper Mini Schnauzer

Bentley, our salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer stud dog.



Bentley is an AKC registered salt and pepper stud who came to us from a local breeder, Karen Mcwhorter, who worked during her life to perfect a line of parti schnauzers. Although a salt and pepper himself, Bentley is a carrier of the parti gene. 



Bentley was born Feb 23, 2012. He is 14 inches tall, weighs 18 pounds and has a solid, stocky build. He has a "wise old man" demeanor. Always paying close attention to what is going on, he will referee the other dogs and make sure strangers are safe for the family. *smile* He has sired litters out of our now retired female, Leah, and is very accepting and gentle with them. 


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