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Miniature Schnauzer Temperament


The Miniature Schnauzer is like a bright, alert, friendly seargent on patrol of the house. You will never, ever be alone...not even to go to the bathroom! My retired female, Leah, lays outside the bathroom door, guarding me, while I am in there! They are playful and curious. Small enough to be an apartment dog but bold enough to try and herd livestock. They often feel that they have to protect your home and the signature Schnauzer bark comes out as they defend the trenches from squirrels and strangers.

They are one of the smartest dogs. They can learn so many tricks and do it eagerly just because they want to please their owner. They live to make us happy!

Mini Schnauzers my have a tendency to chase cats if they did not grow up with them. They do well with older children who have learned the boundries of what is and is not appropriate in regards to animals. Like the fact that their ears and beard ARE indeed attached! No need to try and see if they have come loose!

The best suggestion I have is to keep your Mini Schnauzer puppy well socialized and take them to new places once they have their shots so they can explore the world and not be scared of it when they grow older.